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Fort Morgan Historic Site

Just a mile down the Peninsula is the Historic site of Fort Morgan. Plan on spending a few hours taking it all in and immersing yourself in the stories of the Fort throughout the years.

I recommend that you start in the Museum and learn about life in the Fort before you go venturing down the tunnels and turns of the multi layer Encampment. Learn about the Big Guns that stood in defense of our coast line that could fire a 1046 pound shell over 8.5 miles!

My favorite thing is to really look at the detail of the walls and wonder what it was all for. There are old overhead rail tracks that they used to move the ammunition around on trolleys and small windows here and there in the walls that I have yet to formulate what for. But I will come up with an answer or maybe you can help me figure it out.

Keep your eyes open and let the walls and floors talk to you as you go deeper into the Fort interior via the many connecting passageways. Imagine being a soldier standing with musket in hand peering through a small slot in the brick wall ready to defend your position or turning the cannons to aim at the incoming attack. You can still see the grooves and indentations in the floor from those very cannons.

Once you have covered the Fort head out for a drive on the old airfield and visit several other buildings and read the plaques that tell their story as well.

The grounds are well-kept and there are a lot of stairs to truly get into ever facet of the Fort, but you can still explore the majority without climbing too many steps. Check theĀ calendar and you can see demonstrations as we caught them firing the muskets in the Fort courtyard once and that was very impressive.

Visit Website for hours and entry fees

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