Welcome aboard!

My name is Greg Hagan and I live in LA. Just not that LA. Rather Lower Alabama in the town of Foley which is 14.2 miles from the wonderful white sand beaches of Gulf Shores.

My wife Ranae and I moved here in October of 2017 to live the beach life and escape the snow and cold of winter in the midwest. In 2018 we  fulfilled a dream by purchasing a Beach front Vacation Condo in Gulf Shores.

Ranae and I travel every chance we get and believe the experiences and family memories are priceless. Money spent on visiting other places is NEVER wasted. Find out more about our life journey together.

Our travel bug started when we first got married with the occasional weekend trip to Saint Louis as our go to getaway spot. As our family grew we dragged our three daughters and now two grandchildren on thirteen hour road trips, ten-hour flights, and countless weekend camping and road trips.

In this blog I will share tips and insights into the local communities and share how we “locals” live in a tourist attraction visited by millions each year.

There are countless restaurants, communities, experiences, and sites to see in all that LA (Lower Alabama) has to offer and so little time on vacation to take it all in.

Let me be your cliff notes and tour guide to highlight some behind the scenes information and guidance as you feed your travel bug and create lifelong memories!

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

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